4th Chakra Wellness utilizes simple and natural healing through Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Crystal Therapy to help to relieve physical and emotional ailments, bringing balance to the body and mind with heart.

Janell is based in Southern California and serves the local Long Beach (Los Angeles County) and Orange County areas. She is also able to perform long distance healing for clients all over the world.

Reiki can help everyone, including persons

  • that are suffering from illness
  • who have physical discomfort or pain
  • who are stressed or have trouble sleeping
  • who suffer from depression/anxiety
  • with emotional blockages/suppressed feelings
  • who seek mental clarity
  • who want to feel energized and balanced
  • who are cleansing/ detoxifying their bodies

4cw_logo4th Chakra Wellness was aptly named in honor of Anahata, the heart chakra. Coincidentally, in Reiki the Universal energy that is tapped passes through the crown chakra and down through the heart chakra through the hands to the recipient. In the heart center lies the seat of compassion. The goal of 4th Chakra Wellness is to bring wellness to the mind, body and soul in order meet life’s beautiful opportunities with an open heart.